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Environmental Week

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Environmental Week

Post by The Godfather on Sun Mar 25, 2012 2:37 pm

The 4th Annual AUBG Earth Week is starting on March 25th with a kick-off event, organized by AUBG Olympics. What the crew has planned is a fun game, which will set a tone good mood and sport spirit for the rest of the week. Olympics will be putting the start of Earth Week for the second time, after they made the "blind labyrinth" game in 2011. What the new rules are going to be, you can find out this Friday, 17 p.m., Skapto 1 backyard. Join the environment-friendly team with us!

Earth Week is organized by Green Campus Committee, BCC, PTPI, Olympics, Challenge Future and Residence Life.

Note: Environmental Week will be postponed for later this week due to the bad weather.

Note: Environmental Week kick-off event will be on 29th of March in the backyard of Skapto 1.

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